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 * QUIZ * Which are you?

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PostSubject: * QUIZ * Which are you?   Tue Jun 30, 2009 11:56 am

This is a quiz with no right or wrong answers!
Find out your style!

Q1: Which would you rather wear?
A - Feather boa B - Trilby hat C - Wrist watch

Q2: Which would you rather eat?
A - A salad, no more, no less B - Ham in the shape of your favourite cartoon character C - A sandwich

Q3: Which song style do you like most?
A - Pop music B - Rock music C - Classical Music

Q4: Where would you rather live?
A - A mansion! B - If I had to, I'd be happy in a cardboard box! C - A house will do me fine, thank you

Q5: Which would you rather own?
A - A "handbag" dog, like a chihuahua B - A guitar/sax C - A perfect agenda of what you'll be doing everday for the rest of your life

Answer like
1: A for each.


Post here and I'll PM you with your style!!!
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* QUIZ * Which are you?
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